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Letters To An Incarcerated Brother


Bed-Stuy Studio Strut

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Peaceful Rally for Trayvon

Wake Up! Join Kevin Powell, Laurie Cumbo and other concerned citizens at a Peaceful Rally for Trayvon in New York today at 2PM in Union Square, 14th and Broadway in Manhattan. We will come together to create a better community! Our justice system failed us last night, and we need to examine how we can ensure it never fails us again.
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RSVP: Text Justice to 347-770-5054

Peaceful Rally for Trayvon

Sunday, July 14 @ 2PM

Union Square: 14th and Broadway, Manhattan

Train: 14th St-Union Square (4,5,6); (L,N,Q,R)



Community Board 3 Public Meeting – View Live Tonight 7pm

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Who Controls Your Food?



Managers Wanted!


Click here for more information and to apply.


Why Stuyvesant High School For African Americans & Latinos

Stuyvesant Open House


Community Board 3 Public Meeting – View Live Tonight 7pm

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462 Halsey Garden Events For May

Here is a lineup of events happening at 462 Halsey Community Garden this May:

Saturday May 4th 2pm-Makers Unite NY (ages 7+)
First meeting of the kids DIY group- join other kids in learning cool DIY skills such as kite and rocket making

Sunday May 5th 11am-Community Planting Day (all ages)
462 Halsey is hosting its first community planting event.  Open to the public, this event is a chance for the neighbors to gather together and plant produce for communal harvesting.  Help us get collards, tomatoes and other yummies into the ground to be harvested later and shared throughout the community.

Sunday May 12th 11am-Story Time and Activity (ages 3+)462 Halsey will host this biweekly reading time for young children and provide an enriching activity afterward based on the theme of the day.

Saturday May 18th 10:30am-Rainwater Harvesting Workshop (adult)
This hands-on workshop will take you through all the steps involved in building a basic rain harvesting system! Learn about:

  • The importance of water conservation
  • Good surface areas from which to catch rain
  • Where to put y

    our rain harvesting system

  • What materials are needed for your system
  • How to put your system together
  • How to maintain your system

RSVP is required. To register, contact Wilfredo at / 212-822-9568. Space is limited!

Sponsored by the generous support of the National Grid Foundation.

Saturday May 25th 3pm-Analyzing Urban Soil Workshop (adult)Learn the basics of how to describe and analyze urban soils scientifically using your senses and low-cost equipment (for example, trowels, spades, field pH kit, color charts, and vinegar). There will be a brief introduction to what soils are and how they work. Emphasis will be on figuring out and interpreting soil properties like soil color, texture, pH, structure, and rough carbonate content.

Sunday May 26th 11am-Story Time and Activity (ages 3+)
462 Halsey will host this biweekly reading time for young children and provide an enriching activity afterward based on the theme of the day.

Sunday May 26th 12pm-Pest Control DIY Workshop (all ages)
Learn how to manage garden pests with easy, all natural, Do-It-Yourself solutions


Community Organization Evicted From Restoration Plaza

An almost 40-year-old grassroots organization started by a legendary and controversial Bedford-Stuyvesant community activist was evicted from its headquarters after years of alleged unpaid rent and misuse of their office, according to reports.

Now the organization's president says the group was evicted unfairly.After disputes between landlord and tenant, the Committee to Honor Black Heroes was locked out of their offices in Restoration Plaza at 1368 Fulton St. in February, the committee head said.

“They expect us to go away quietly,” said CEO Ali Lamont. “I'm not going away quietly. I have just as much a right to be there as anyone else.”

The Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, who own Restoration Plaza, did not return multiple requests for comment. But in an interview with Our Time Press, BSRC President and CEO Colvin Grannum said that the organization, founded in 1975 by the late Sonny Carson, allegedly signed a lease for “a very nominal rent” and never paid up.

“Our goal is not to kick people out, but to be of assistance to them,” Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation President Colvin Grannum told the paper. “For a decade, we tried to be patient with Heroes, but it didn’t work and at some point you have to take action for the well-being of the other tenants.”

Carson, who died in 2002 and was influential in the creation of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, helped create Black Heroes as a way to encourage and promote African American culture in the community.

Carson is also a controversial figure in the city's history, who rose to prominence in the 1960s as a militant activist who fought for community control of public schools, according to his New York Times obituary.

After Carson's death, the group was taken over by Lamont, who moved offices to the fourth floor. That's when the group allegedly stopped paying rent, Grannum told the paper.

In 2012, BSRC exercised their right not to renew the organization's lease.

“We are respectful of the work they [CHBH] do, but you can’t let one tenant disregard the rules,” Grannum told the paper.

Grannum also told the paper that the Committee to Honor Black Heroes let people sleep in the office and use the community bathrooms in the morning to wash up.

But in an interview with New York, Lamont said that his organization traditionally did not have to pay rent, and that Grannum and BSRC had promised to let the

organization stay in the building rent free.

“He welched on it,” Lamont said of the alleged deal. “Grannum told us don't worry about it, we'll take care of you.”

Lamont also said the people who allegedly lived in the office were simply people who were left without any other options. The Committee to Honor Black Heroes allowed them stay there at no cost until they could get back on their feet, Lamont said.

“The whole thing they put on us is bogus,” Lamont said. “We have people who come to us from the community who are losing their property. A lot of them are seniors, a lot of them are veterans.”

The Committee to Honor Black Heroes has since found a temporary home on Macon Street, Lamont said.

Lamont is a controversial figure in his own right. In 1990, he was found guilty of attacking a Bedford-Stuyvesant school principal, and in 1974, Lamont and Carson were both convicted of kidnapping a man named Henry Manley.

He was also a pivotal figure in Carson's fight for community control of the schools.

Now 74, Lamont said those days are behind him.

“It is what it is,” Lamont said. “I was involved in a lot of activism and demonstrations down through the years.”

Lamont has for years criticized BSRC. In a roughly two-hour video uploaded to YouTube in 2011, he and others accused the organization of mismanagement and corporate greed.

“Restoration was on the ball at one time, but they have since headed in another direction,” Lamont said. “They weren't supposed to get rich on this community. That's a tragedy.”

In the interview with Our Time, Grannum dismissed Lamont's assertions, and said the organization remains committed to its stated purpose of helping the residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

“The goal is to get people into qualified jobs where they can move up the career ladder,” Grannum said. “Earning a living wage is a key component to economic stability and it helps in preventing displacement from the community.”

Bed-Stuy Community Group Evicted From Restoration Plaza Unfairly, CEO Says – New York

By Paul DeBenedetto, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer


Earl The Pearl, Monroe Book Signing



Tell Me About NY’s Water

Video Journalist has a conversation with

Will Schwartz of TapIt about New York’s water.